So you finally want to build your dream gaming PC but you’re not sure what parts should you buy. Thankfully, we got your back in this. We will show you what are the basic parts in building your very own gaming computer. All you need is a lot of patience, a screwdriver and the components below!



1. Processor

Your processor, also best known as your CPU (Central Processing Unit) is commonly known as the computer’s brain. It carries out computer program instructions by performing basic operations, basically, it controls a number of task on your computer.

You can research the internet to compare specs of various central processing units. For your first PC gaming build, we highly recommend to find affordable ones that works for you. You can also ask your gamer friends what processors they recommend and why they like them. Be sure to research any recommendations and choose the ones that fits the best to your budget.


2. GPU

GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), graphics card, or video card, is a specialized unit designed to rapidly operate and change memory to accelerate image development in a frame buffer to output on display. In other words, it’s a pretty intense component and it makes your games appear realistic without crashing your PC or slowing your gameplay.

Again, research for sites or watch videos on Youtube for reviews and testing of graphic cards. Learning from them gives a great advantage on your side of which card you need to buy.


3. Memory

RAM (Random Access Memory) in short, Memory, allows you to access your files in the computer quickly and runs multiple processes. When building your first gaming PC, it is recommended that you use at least 4GB RAM. Any less than 4GB won’t run some games, most online gamers use 16GB RAM since it is more than enough to run many games.

Be sure to check the motherboard’s specifications to determine the RAM compatibility.


4. Motherboard

A motherboard accommodates various components of your gaming computer. It is composed of different essential pieces that are put down in the right places. You have to consider the parts like video cards, memory, GPU and many others that you want to use; choose a motherboard that is compatible of holding them.


5. Power Supply

Of course, you need a great amount of electricity to bring your PC on line. This is why a great quality of power supply is crucial. Don’t ever consider buying the cheapest ones when you plug in your new gaming machine. If you buy high-quality components, but buy poor and cheap power supply, you will soon find that you’re literally burning your purchase.


6. Casing

A computer casing is where you hold everything. Like a great quality power supply, a nice case can last for years of rebuilding.

When investing for your first gaming case, we recommend you to choose the ones made of metal rather than plastic, with a large inner space to keep your components well ventilated while reserving rooms for future upgrades.

Lastly, also check reviews since it can be tricky to tell online of how well the casing will perform.